Team Member Testimonials

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"He aprendido mucho aquí y siempre me he sentido apoyada por mi equipo y gerentes. Cuando comienzan los nuevos miembros del equipo, les digo que NCG Hospitality es un buen lugar donde hay oportunidades de crecer. Esta empresa te hará sentir como en familia en cualquier hotel en el que estés trabajando. "
- Daniela Ruiz

"Top to bottom, the NCG Hospitality culture is one of team and team member empowerment. My Regional Vice President and the Corporate team entrust me with full responsibility for my properties and empower me to make the decisions that need to be made, and I report the results and outcomes to them. They, in turn, support me fully and provide me guidance and insights when I need it. I try to create the same dynamic with my team. I want my team to feel like it’s their hotel, and to empower them to make good decisions and collectively contribute to the growth of the organization’s success."
- Ryan McKenzie

"NCG Hospitality es una empresa que realmente se preocupa por su gente y aprecio todo lo que han hecho por mí. Se arriesgaron conmigo porque no tenía recomendaciones ni experiencia previa, pero me contrataron en el acto. Ahora, estoy supervisando equipos y trabajando para una gran empresa que me apoya y realmente se preocupa por mí. ¡Es como tener una segunda familia!"
- Lulu Ramos

"After seven years, I know the property from the ground up, and although it can get intense sometimes, it’s very rewarding. I’m very close with my team, and trust them implicitly, and know they trust me. It’s very gratifying and makes the job a lot easier. I make sure my team knows I have their backs every step of the way and it’s great to know that they have mine. I love working here. I love my job and the people I work with, and that is all part of the NCG experience.” "
- Tovi Rubio

"Family is my number one priority. That’s why I stay with NCG Hospitality - it’s not a job for me, it really is a second home. We work hard and have a lot of fun. It’s never boring. It can get busy, but we hustle through it as a team and make it fun along the way. I stay because I love it here and I because I believe in loyalty, and NCG Hospitality rewards me for it. They even work with me and with my crazy schedule of doctors’ appointments and other activities. They are very understanding. I can’t thank them enough for all they’ve done for me.”"
- Candace Maxwell

"This is the first job in my life where I love it and I’ve never experienced that feeling before. I look forward to coming to work every day. . . It’s a privilege to work at this company. I feel 100% supported by my boss, the managers and my team. Anything I need, in any situation, they give me the comfort to approach them and ask for help if I need it. They trust me so much, even in new situations. They trust and support me to handle those situations and give me the space to learn and grow. It makes me feel special. I’m discovering new skills and talents I never even knew I had. "
- Blanca Schnur