1 on 1’s

  • Have your 1 on 1 in a neutral location (not at the front desk or back of house restaurant areas).
  • Come to their work area and help them as you have your 1 on 1.
  • Never cancel 1 on 1’s – reschedule them if schedules don’t work out.
  • Prepare for 1 on 1’s at least 24 hours in advance. Send out a reminder 48 hours in advance so they come prepared.
  • During 1 on 1’s ask the question “why” to systems, processes and procedures.
  • Challenge individuals to identify ways to streamline current issues the hotel is facing. Put them in charge of implementing their own idea.
  • Hold consistent 1 on 1’s and be open and direct regarding performance and team performance to come together and agree on a common goal.
  • Create a OneNote for each Team Member/Dept Head, and ensure you both have access to update it. Have an agenda listed for each one.
  • Set up calendar appointments, ensure the link to the OneNote is listed in the reoccurring appointment along with a reminder set to 24 hours in advance to allow the attendees time to update their portion of the OneNote.
  • Start the conversation with the “it’s all about you” section.
  • Discuss feedback on new projects taken on and areas they would like to learn/grow in with regular review.
  • Be open and direct regarding individual performance and team performance to come together and agree on a common goal.
  • Discuss and make notes at 1 on 1’s about things someone is passionate about. Discuss these items at least every quarter to see if Team Member is still passionate and what they are doing to make it a part of their routine.
  • Utilize 1 on 1’s to get to know Team Members and celebrate differences.
  • Path their career goals/growth and have monthly check-ins as to progress made.
  • Be consistent with everyone. Make it a date. Do something fun, bring some candy, ice cream bars, coffee etc. Nobody likes to break a date!
  • 1 on 1’s are a great time to ask what they want to do with/for family, kids, local charities, and ensure we put them on track to utilize their volunteer hours.