Daily Huddle

  • Make huddles FUN and informative. Have a day-of-the-week theme: Monday – Maintenance, Tuesday – Sales, Wednesday – Problem Resolution, etc.
  • Have whoever is leading huddle prepare the day before.
  • Have Team Members participate in the daily information. Make it meaningful and memorable.
  • Assign huddles to each PMT member and have them do something engaging each day to keep huddles fresh.
  • Play games during huddle to build trust. For example: The egg game. Split team up into 3–5 people. Give them office supplies or any other supplies that you would like. Have them build a contraption that will keep the egg safe when dropped from the top rung of a ladder. This will help build teamwork and trust. The internet is full of trust building games as well. Blindfold games are also great.
  • During daily huddles, have an “All About You Section.” This will be the time to have rotating topics that inspire conversation about Team Member. While it is important to discuss guest scores, revenue, 100%s, this would be in addition. If a Team Members does not want to talk about themselves, the department head could take the time to brag about them/recognize them in front of their peers.
  • Select a topic to discuss during rally (breakroom update, outing ideas, recognition ideas).
  • Have a Birthday and Anniversary list at the front desk to write on huddle sheets daily.
  • Anniversary cards given out at huddle to contain NCG free-night stay coupons.
  • Have two huddles per day where all Team Members feel they are a part of them in the AM and PM. Use Microsoft Teams video platform to record your Daily Huddle each day so it can be played back for those unable to attend morning Huddle.
  • Celebrate Awards, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Accomplishments with the team.
  • Collect suggestion slips from Team Members and review with PMT.
  • Ensure GSS and Salt scores are being talked about once a week to help improve scores.
  • Write COD cards and read them during huddles to celebrate Team Members’ individual efforts.