Exceptional Experience

Focus on Personal Growth/Development

  • Consistent and meaningful 1 on 1’s.
  • Ask Team Members if they want more tasks and responsibility.
  • Create growth action plans.
  • Cross-train Team Members across departments and even hotels.
  • Utilize the Education Reimbursement benefit.

Make Time for Fun Daily

  • Assign huddles to each PMT member and have them do something engaging each day to keep huddles fresh.
  • Create fun and engaging contests/games within each department.
    – Honors/Bonvoy enrollments
    – Most work orders submitted

New Team Members Orientation – Update and Deliver 100% of the Time

  • Should have 1-2 days per month that are scheduled for orientation (so it actually happens), and proper time is set aside for it.
  • GM lunch with newbies to get to know them and they get to know the GM – PMT can go too.
  • Once a year ask entire team if there is anything they’d like to know or learn more about and do a lunch and learn to go over those topics in general (insurance, 401k, etc.). Offer to discuss in more detail one on one with anyone who still has questions or wants to know more.

Empowerment/Practice Empathy

  • Role play with Team Members to help them develop the confidence for problem resolution.
  • Use the L.E.A.R.N. Model (listen, empathize, apologize, respond, notify).
  • Be curious and ask probing questions to determine the root cause of the issues to gain an understanding of who Team Members really are.

Foster an Environment of Challenging the Status Quo/Embrace Innovation (Bold & Bright)

  • During 1 on 1’s ask the question “why” to systems, processes and procedures. Challenge individuals to identify ways to streamline current issues the hotel is facing. Put them in charge
    of implementing their own idea.
  • Identify top 3 problems on GSS/SALT that are controllable without a large monetary commitment and challenge individuals to come up with ideas. Reward ideas. Do this bi-monthly.
  • Circulate the book “Who Moved My Cheese,” around to all Team Members, read Spanish version at lunch/breaks.

Encourage Team to Celebrate Guest Events

  • Develop a pre-arrival email sent to guests 48 hours in advance to welcome them and include celebratory event questions. Be prepared before arrival to complete the “wow factor.”
  • Ensure guest dossier is a priority when opportunities present themselves and is filled out by front desk. Set habits to make sure this is reviewed early in the AM shift to be prepared for
  • Celebrate guest Birthdays and Anniversaries by sending them a signed card from Team Members with either flowers or a small cake.
  • Celebrate sports teams by providing a sign at the front desk welcoming them and wishing them luck.

Remember Previous Guests – Use the Profile Notes in the Guest Details Section

  • Hilton and Marriott both have their brand tools to track the history of each guest. For example, Empower/GXP has GPS -Guest Planning Services that keeps track of all previous requests on previous stays. We can see if they have status change, Anniversaries or Birthdays. We can also indicate if they are a notable guest such as a public figure. These brand tools should be run daily to plan for the arrivals for the day, preferably night audit around the early hours of the morning, or the earliest 1’st shift. Also, when scheduling (if those shifts are not working out), specify who is to run the report and is responsible for checking for special amenities or any pre-arrival requests. It could help to note it on the schedule with an asterisk or whatever one feels would be noticeable, so as to not slip through the cracks.

Create Unique Experiences for Groups/Regular Events (i.e., Spring Training Starter Pack)

  • Group Coordinators can share ideas and best practices on how to create a unique experience for groups. Host meetings in Madison/Phoenix in person and then set up a conference line for others to call in.
  • Have your Group Coordinators work with the front desk to put together a packet of local food/activity information for the group.
  • Use the Culture Platform as a living document for all Team Members to add their Best Demonstrated Practices on creating unique experiences for their guests.

Spying on Competition – Shops/Recon See What They Do, Improve Upon it, Implement

  • Let Team Members experience a night at a competitor – draw a name from a hat to see who gets to go each month. Have that Team Member fill out a survey about their stay and give examples and share at Fish Rally/Huddle.
    • What did they like about the hotel? What are things they do that our hotel doesn’t? Is there something we could implement at our hotel? What are things we do better than the competition?
  • Drive the parking lots of your competition and see if there are any company cars or branded vehicles in their parking lot.
  • Walk the competition’s meeting room areas and see what companies are listed on the reader boards or meeting room signs.
  • Have breakfast/dinner/drinks in competitors’ establishments and listen to conversations from other guests.
  • Check out your competitors’ websites – what packages are they selling?

Unexpected Delights both Internal/External (Team Members & Guests)

  • Candy/Snack cart to wheel around hotel, offer to Team Members and any guests you come across.
  • Small packages available to place in guests’ rooms when we hear about special events, i.e., Weddings, Anniversaries.
  • Unexpected meals provided to hotel team.
  • Leaving candy with housekeeping/maintenance, notes in guestrooms.