Creating a Safe Environment for Communication

  • During On-Boarding GM takes new Team Members to lunch and re-enforces “Open Door” policy.
  • PMT takes feedback from 1 on 1’s, Engagement survey, etc. and shares action plan for change with Team Members and/or team.
  • As leader, make sure that communication is clear and consistent.
  • Encourage staff to come by to talk about anything on their mind (Close the door if they feel needed or even offer to go to room where they are working and/or a meeting room or local restaurant/coffee shop if it would help.

Build Trust

  • Trust comes with time and shared experiences. Leaders in NCG need to be consistent in their 1 on 1’s with Team Member, follow through on promises, and be there for their team – especially during busy and difficult days.
  • Work in other departments to show your support.
  • Utilize 1 on 1’s as a platform to get to know each Team Members more on a personal level.
  • Never discuss any Team Members with another except to praise or recognize good things.

Cultural Potlucks

  • Create monthly challenges for Team Members to participate in (salsa challenge or best chili).
  • Have themed potlucks. For example: March is St. Patrick’s Day, so coordinate a themed potluck. In February, have a dessert competition.
  • Have potluck luncheons where everyone makes food native to their culture or region. Pick a culture, and with Team Members from that background, create a fact sheet to share and post in the breakroom.
  • Monthly rotation of ethnic food type that must be cooked at home and not bought. Ensure 100% PMT participation.

Get to Know Your Entire Team (Getting the Whole Team Involved, Not Just PMT)

  • Have a bowling outing, Dave & Buster’s, etc. Ensure you have specific team building activities. Assign teams ahead of time to create connecting opportunities with those Team Members who don’t have a lot of exposure to one another.
  • Make your holiday parties special and memorable. Invite family. Play interactive games.
  • Buy lunch for all Team Members to celebrate SALT/GSS Scores and or any other special occasion.
  • Celebrate Birthdays and Anniversaries. Have a champion or committee internally to ensure no one is forgotten.
  • “Team Members Highlight” of the month. Let them brag about family, accomplishments, where they came from, pets, hobbies, etc.

Cultural Studies/Cultural Highlights (i.e., huddle, potlucks, etc.)

  • Become familiar with other cultures’ holidays or reasons for celebration.
  • Acknowledge/Celebrate/Educate team of these different occasions – could a Team Member of that culture lead that discussion/event?
  • Be sensitive to a Team Member’s desire to draw attention to this topic or not.

ESL (English As A Second Language) Classes

  • Encourage all Team Members who may need it to attend.
  • Encourage as much participation at graduation as possible, especially PMT.
  • Continue to practice with these Team Members as the year goes by after the classes and let them know it’s OK to still be learning.

Find their Passion

  • Discuss and make notes at 1 on 1’s about things someone is passionate about. Discuss these items (at least quarterly) and see if Team Member is still passionate and what they are doing to make them a part of their routine.
  • See if there is any passion that can be incorporated into work and encourage them to do so if it can be.

Team Members Spotlight/Getting to Know You Form – to Be Done on ALL New Hires

  • Have each Team Member fill out as part of orientation. Keep a copy in a binder in GM office and one in the breakroom. PMT should review regularly and look to bring up something when talking to Team Members to show they are interested in them and what’s important to them.
  • Can also use when discussing a Team Member’s Birthday or Anniversary and highlight something from their Getting to Know You form. Have Team Members review at least every 2 years to see if there’s anything they want to add or change and add updated copies (dated) to each binder retaining any previous copies as well.

Group Orientation for New Hires (regionally or joint in market)

  • More consistent understanding of NCG Culture, expectations, benefits, etc… Having one “Orientation Team” to deliver the same message to all new Team Members.
  • Coordinate with other properties for on-boarding to create a larger, more dynamic session.
  • Have at least one representative in the room from each Team Member’s property so they have that connection/ someone to go to at their property if not leading the presentation. Have an activity (scavenger hunt, Getting to Know You questions, etc.) and pair up people from different properties and departments to help them be engaged and build relationships with other Team Members.


  • Utilize 1 on 1’s to get to know Team Members and celebrate differences.
  • Use the brand’s multicultural page to help better understand different cultures.
  • Have potluck luncheons where everyone makes food native to their culture or region. Pick a culture, and with Team Members from that background, create a fact sheet to share and post in the breakroom.