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Meaningful 1 on 1’s – With Focus on IDGs (individual development goals) and Future

  • With every new hire start out with the “Getting to Know You” form. It is important that we understand what inspires your Team Members and how you are able to help them develop.
  • Prepare for 1 on 1’s at least 24 hours in advance. Send out a reminder 48 hours in advance so they come prepared.
  • Create trust with your Team Members. This will take some time. Always keep to your word and follow through on your actions. Have open and honest communication daily. The more trustworthy they see you, the more they can open up and share their experiences. As their leader you need to open up to them and share personal items that you’re comfortable with first. This is a way to start building trust.
  • Set individual goals in SMART format and stretch these goals when possible to push Team Members to their full potential.

Orientation of NCG & Our Culture/Incorporate into All New Hire Orientation

  • Practice Orientation ahead of time on current Team Members if you haven’t done this in a while. First impressions play a large role in people deciding to stay with us.
  • Be consistent, whether it is Housekeeping, Front Desk or Engineering; have a set standard on how an onboarding should be for hourly Team Members.
  • Create a monthly orientation for all new hires once a month. This will include our culture and items pertinent and important to them. Talk about benefits prior to signing up for them so they understand what is provided. Utilize the JDB 4-Box Exercise to remind team that everyone is a Leader.
  • Do monthly inventory checks to make sure you’re prepared ahead of time with NCG swag and HR materials. Block out 4 hours and commit to filling that time.
  • Send welcome gift/card to their house before their first day. Include details as to what their first day will look like, training plan included.

Sharing More Results Than Just SALT/GSS

  • Share Balance Score Card Results
  • Share TQS results (Marriott equivalent)
  • Forecast projections
  • Recent Trip Advisor reviews
  • Big wins for sales bookings
  • Name mentions across all platforms
  • Team Members Engagement Survey and Action Plan

Re-surface “How I Impact…” BSC Metrics Form

  • Create form for each department and how they impact:
    – GOP

    • Housekeeping
      – Labor/OT
      – Expenses – training on proper usage of supplies/chemicals
      – MPOR
    • Front Desk/RevPAR
      – Labor/OT
      – Upsells
      – Oversells
      – Perfect sells
      – Knowing rate strategy
      – Service recovery – appropriate options given the circumstance
    • Maintenance
      – Labor/OT
      – Expenses
      – Keeping projects in house instead of outsourcing
      – Hippo management
    • Sales
      – Ensuring wash% is accurate
      – Cut-off dates are followed
      – Everyone sells


    • Problem resolution
    • Anticipating guests’ needs
    • Honors/Elite recognition

Establish & Discuss Departmental Goals Hotel Goals & Company Goals

  • Departments set goal together and get updates weekly.
  • Hotel sets clearly outlined goals and keeps everyone updated via whiteboard in breakroom and at huddle at least weekly.

New Hire Training – Commit to Slow Down & Be Thorough and Complete

  • Put training time into calendar and stick to it.
  • Check in with new hire as to how they are feeling, review key points and retrain if they did not retain something.
  • Have new hire packets which include all new hire paperwork, training checklists, and any other specifics to ready the hotel for the new Team Member.

Consistent Reinforcement of Goals & Boundaries

  • Regular discussion of goals and progress and assessment of where they stand.
  • Don’t forget to include personal goals in discussions, and help staff focus on their personal development.
  • Consistent approach to “guard rails” so they know the parameters for actions.

Celebrating When Goals Are Met & Along the Way

  • Reward achievements with something tangible, not necessarily financial (lunch/post positive guest feedback/etc.).
  • Acknowledge accomplishments in front of other Team Members and be specific (huddle).
  • Encourage them to set another/better goal (realistic/obtainable).

Different Recognition/Customized for Team Members

  • Find out restaurants, stores, movie theaters, hobbies etc. that they like and customize a thank you gift for something well done in lieu of COD card.
  • Do something special for one of their kids/family members to say Thank You!

Career Pathing Our Team to Understand Growth Opportunities

  • 1 on 1’s with Team Members to path their career goals/growth and have monthly check-in’s.
  • Make sure Team Members know NCG has a Mentorship Program.

Active & Relevant Huddles

  • Have two huddles/day where all Team Members feel they are a part of them in the AM and PM.
  • Celebrate awards, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Accomplishments with the team.
  • Play games with friendly competition to engage Team Members.
  • Ensure GSS and Salt scores are being talked about once a week to help improve scores.

Future Focus – Easy Mantra to Remember (i.e., PAC – Preparedness/Accountability/Communication)

  • Post hotel goals in back office and breakroom where team can get excited as we move the meter toward accomplishing them.