Ensuring our Team Members safety and security is now even more important in these times with COVID-19. We have created a Team Member Resources page to assist all our Team Members and provide information on financial resources, mental & physical health resources, food & meal resources, as well as, NCG benefits information and more. Please make sure all your Team Members have this link available to them – www.ncghotels.com/tmresources.

Mental Health Resources – Assistance & Availability

  • Ensure PMT is knowledgeable on available Mental Health Resources provided by Brand and certified organizations.
  • Provide list of websites/phone numbers for help resources.
  • 5-minute “mental breaks.” Provide tools such as adult coloring books.

Health & Safety Meetings

  • Change them up. Get videos to watch so those who can’t attend get the full effect of the meetings.
  • Have hourly Team Members help lead the meetings. Maybe even teams with someone from each department. Spice them up to make them more interesting.
  • Provide meals, snacks, theme breaks.

Complete all Safety Standards & Training (OSHA, emergency plan, building, lighting, locks, etc.)

  • Create games/quizzes with the ability to win prizes.
  • Account for different learning types. Use visual/audible/hands-on training.
  • Provide Team Member meals during training if possible.

Equal Environment/Express Opinion/Be Heard

  • Select a topic to discuss during huddle (breakroom updates, outing ideas, recognition ideas, etc.). Collect suggestion slips from Team Members and review with PMT.
  • Positive reinforcement for Team Members engaging/expressing opinion (COD cards, hotel branded gift, etc.).
  • Property level Bold and Bright – Submit to PMT, if implemented property level, Team Members gets prize and PMT submits to company Bold and Bright for the Team Member.

Mutual Respect for all Team Members

  • Ensure all Team Members are included/invited for meetings/events.
  • Ensure Team Members are receiving equal recognition.
  • PMT spends one hour per month assisting each department with a task (stripping rooms for housekeeping, parking lot walk with maintenance, etc.).
  • Employee recognition section to discuss during PMT meetings. Ensure Team Members are receiving equal recognition.

Facilitate Open and Honest Communication/Active Listening/Ask Questions

  • List of questions to ask Team Members. Each day pick a question that you go out of your way to ask Team Members.
  • Utilize crucial conversations and other additional webinars/trainings.

Tuned into Immigration Issues/Political

  • Have a go-to person, maybe an immigration lawyer, to assist with situations like recent SSA letters.
  • List of resources in case ICE comes to the hotels.
  • Have a designated person at each hotel with their pulse on immigration issues/concerns.

Regular Management Presence & Visibility/MODs Both Weekday & Weekend

  • Have Lobby PMT or “Lobby Lizard” move throughout hotel to talk with guests and help Team Members when needed.
  • Stagger the GM/OM/AGM/FOM hours so there is longer coverage from 7am-9pm.

Continuing Education

  • Active Shooting – Conduct quarterly active shooting education and drills so all Team Members feel comfortable with the process.
  • Human Trafficking – Conduct new hire and quarterly training on how to recognize a potential threat and follow the process to get help.